Top 5 Free Online Courses for Computer Science

March 13, 2022 | Althea Kelsey | Courses For Students

Top 5 Free Online Courses for Computer Science

The study of computer technology, both software and hardware, is known as Computer Science. It’s a fascinating and diversified area that may offer students skills that are in demand in practically every business in today’s technologically advanced world. This wide field includes a variety of specialities and sub-disciplines in theory, analytics, hardware and software systems, data science, and other areas.

<strong>Top</strong> 5 <strong>Free</strong> <strong>Online</strong> <strong>Courses</strong> <strong>for</strong> <strong>Computer</strong> <strong>Science</strong>
Top 5 Free Online Courses for Computer Science

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best free computer science courses right now, including courses at all levels of specialty.

Computer Science 101

This is a fantastic self-paced course offered by Stanford Online and delivered through the edX platform. It’s one of the best free online computer science courses for novices we’ve seen, as it exposes students to the field with no prior knowledge. Students will master the foundations of computer science over the course of six weeks, at a rate of four to six hours each week.

<strong>Computer</strong> <strong>Science</strong> 101
Computer Science 101

There are no prerequisites for this online computer science course, which requires no prior expertise. Students who are already familiar with most of the aforementioned topics will likely find the course too basic; nonetheless, it is suitable for complete beginners.

Computer Science: Programming with a Purpose

The crucial first step in computer science is learning to program, and this course from Princeton University covers the subject in depth with over 40 hours of instruction. Unlike some of the other beginner courses on our list, this one employs Java instead of Python, despite the fact that the main purpose is to teach students programming in general.

Loops, arrays, conditionals, and variables are just a few of the programming concepts you’ll study. The free online computer science course then teaches object-oriented programming before moving on to concepts like modular programming, recursion, and code reuse.

Foundations of Computer Science: Theory and Practice

SE Factory, a charity coding bootcamp located in Lebanon, is offering this four-and-a-half-hour course on the Udemy platform. You need to have a basic grasp of high-school mathematics and programming fundamentals to take the course.

Students will study Python, Algorithms, Complexity Analysis, and Data Structures in four sessions with 44 lectures each. The online computer science course is free, but an upgrade that includes a certificate of completion and one-on-one interaction with the teacher is available.

Algorithms: Design and Analysis

Algorithms are at the heart of computer science, and this course provides a broad overview for students with some programming experience.

The course covers subjects ranging from sorting and searching to data structures and graph primitives, with multiple forms of tests used to ensure that students understand the material. Students should be able to speak intelligently about algorithms in interviews and with other programmers and computer scientists after completing the course.

Computer Vision Basics

The fundamentals of computer vision are covered in this course: digital signal processing, neurobiology, and artificial intelligence. Color, light, and image generation; early, mid, and high-level vision and computer vision mathematics are all covered.

<strong>Computer</strong> Vision Basics
Computer Vision Basics

It’ll be useful for anyone who wants to learn more about computer vision or who needs a refresher on the mathematical fundamentals of computer vision. Learners should have a basic understanding of programming.