Top 3 Sought-After Medical Esthetician Online Schools in 2022

March 09, 2022 | Carver Stephen | Courses For Students

Top 3 Sought-After Medical Esthetician Online Schools in 2022
<strong>Top</strong> 3 <strong>Sought-After</strong> <strong>Medical</strong> <strong>Esthetician</strong> <strong>Online</strong> <strong>Schools</strong> in <strong>2022</strong>
Top 3 Sought-After Medical Esthetician Online Schools in 2022

Medical esthetician is an emotionally rewarding profession. It ideally suits people who get pleasure out of making others feel better and look better. To work as an esthetician, skills are highly required and they’re quite complicated. But fear not! There are 3 online medical esthetician schools that walk you through vital skills and knowledge. Better yet, they offer certificates and licenses that allow learners to have advances when landing jobs.

Westside Tech

Amongst medical esthetician online schools, Westside Tech is highly recommended to those who pursue this field. Established in 1993, this school has made many strides so far. The main focus of this school is student life improvement and the best influence on Central Florida’s employment needs.

Westside Tech is a part of  Orange County Public Schools –  a reliable school district for student success. Their industry-certified instructors and dedicated staff provide an innovative approach to the handy esthetician knowledge, helping you absorb them better and steer clear of restlessness. Esthetician certificate is available at Westside Tech, along with 14 other areas. Each certificate program is designed to give students the essential skills and certification to join the workforce.

Their Advanced Esthetics program is designed for licensed registered facial specialists who want to expand their knowledge and stay up to speed on the latest developments in the area of esthetics. Once completed, you will be able to work as a licensed facial specialist in spas, medical offices, or dermatology practices. You will also master the appropriate medical terminology, first aid, nutrition, and its effects on the body.

West Georgia Technical College

West Georgia Technical College has never been out of the list of best medical esthetician online schools. This school was founded in 1966. Merged with West Central Technical College, it became the second-largest technical school in Georgia. There are 18 associate’s degrees, 28 diplomas, and 66 certificate programs from this school, and the esthetician certificate program has a strong following amongst them.

West Georgia Technical College - one of the best medical esthetician online schools
West Georgia Technical College – one of the best medical esthetician online schools

Their esthetician program is structured for entry-level students. After finishing, you are able to take the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers’ Esthetics licensure exam and work in a variety of professions that employ estheticians, such as beauty salons, spas, health clubs, cosmetics stores, and plastic surgeons’ and dermatologists’ offices. Their enthusiastic instructors will do their best to put you over the top and get your goal.

JD Academy of Salon and Spa

JD Academy of Salon and Spa
JD Academy of Salon and Spa

Compared with others on our list, JD Academy of Salon and Spa is a smaller institution, yet their quality is second to none. Especially, their hands-on curriculum for estheticians makes this school worth a shot. It covers facials, anatomy & physiology, hair removal & waxing, makeup application, eyebrow beautification, and sanitation regulations.

After this course, you can gain the required skills and practice them with your real client. Besides, you can feel ready for the state board exams as this school will walk you through the ins and outs of what to expect.


Nothing better than bringing a better look and mental health to other people. Medical esthetician is a job that gives you more than just an attractive income. Yet skills are a must for setting your foot in the health and beauty world. These 3 foregoing online schools are the places you can rely on to get what it takes for becoming a professional esthetician. Select the one that is practical for you now.